How to develop Negotiation Power Part 1

The first 4 invaluable insights in how to improve your odds in negotiation!

Negotiation is a life skill that we use in our personal, social and business lives almost every day. Despite its importance, few of us actually dedicate time to study, practice and refine our negotiation skills.

One of the dimensions of negotiation that is critical to successful outcomes is understanding the concept of negotiation power and how to develop it. In this eight video online training, we start this journey and introduce four powerful tools for improving your negotiation power.

Each of the four tools is introduced over two videos; the first video covers the theory and the second applies that theory to the practice of law. You will take two knowledge reviews to check your understanding of the content, be given tips by the trainers, and complete short writing assignments to help improve your retention of the skills taught!

This training is CPD accredited by the Hong Kong Law Society. Upon completion, 1.5 CPD points will be awarded.

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Quest Curriculum

  • 4 Levels
  • Coaching By Neil Orvay
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  • Level 01

    Negotiation Formats

    Negotiation can be broken down into five core formats. By understanding the five formats and what your default style tends to be, we are able to identify the styles of others and strategize when each should and should not be used.

  • Level 02

    Negotiation Preparation

    The process of pre-negotiation preparation is one of the most critical parts of any negotiation. In this section we learn techniques to improve our pre-negotiation preparation and thereby improve our position and level of negotiation power.

  • Level 03

    Body Language and Negotiation Power

    It’s common knowledge that how we sit or stand often has a meaning; however, the majority of our counterparts have no idea how to use body language. In less than 10 minutes, you will learn five simple body language insights that you can adopt quickly to gain an advantage over your counterpart.

  • Level 04

    Getting Beyond Price

    Many negotiators focus mainly on price. While price is an important component in negotiation, it is not the only one and often, despite our assumptions, it is not the deciding variable. In this section we introduce multiple non-price variables that can impact the outcome of negotiations.

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Success Stories

  • Steve Bernstein, Managing Director, Lone Star Funds

    Subject Matter Expert!

    "Neil is a true subject matter expert. He brought his skills to our firm and taught Negotiation to our professional staff. He has an incredible way of engaging the audience, keeping everyone motivated and interested. We learned a lot and look forward to learning more. Highly recommended."

  • Kannan Natarajan, Deputy Head of Operational Risk,BNP Paribas

    Impacftul and brings new dimensions!

    "‘Impactful’ is the best reference any trainer would like to hear after their session. Neil stood by that right from beginning and delivered to the satisfaction of all the participants. He brought a new dimension to ‘Negotiation’ that can be easily adopted by everyone with little efforts..."

  • Ari Harmaala, Senior Vice President, Metsa Fibre

    Strongly recommend this training!

    "We have had Neil’s trainings of Persuasion & Influence Psychology and Expert Negotiator skills. Feedback of my sales and marketing teams in EMEA and Asia were extremely positive and participants feels that they have got some real help in their daily work. I can strongly recommend this training to you sales and marketing teams !"

  • Jessica Tse, Head Of Human Resources at Hyakunousha International

    Incredible Knowledge

    "It is a delight to recommend Neil if you are looking for Corporate trainer and NLP trainer. He has an incredible knowledge in NLP, Communication skills, Sales and Negotiation skills. He can work with your team with high impact."

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