Learn how to identify and manage unconscious bias!

Focused learning that increases awareness and delivers techniques to manage unconscious bias

Unconscious Bias is one of the hottest topics in the corporate learning and development space. As well as the 'big 2' of gender and race/cultural bias, there are many other UB's that influence our behaviour, our decisions and ultimately our outcomes.

Whenever we make a decision without conscious consideration, we are likely to have been influenced by our unconscious biases, many of which we are not aware that we have. These can include prejudices, stereotypes and inclinations.

By learning why UB's exist, the different types and impact each can have, we increase our awareness of the potential pitfalls that unconscious bias can bring into our lives. This however it not sufficient to make a difference; the key is learning tools to manage our unconscious biases and then putting these into an action plan. This is the objective of this training.

Originally moving to Asia in 1996 as an Investment banker, Neil Orvay has been in Asia for 25 years and has a wide range of business interests and connections. Through his spa and wellness group ‘Sense of Touch’, he has a developed base of manufacturing and wellness partners. Neil is the founder of Evolution-U, a corporate training company with corporate clients across Asia and Europe. He is one of Asia’s top corporate trainers specializing in communication, sales, negotiation and leadership training and has a wide client base across financial and corporate institutions. He was the co-founder and Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce Angel Investment Committee from 2008-2021. Neil holds a BSc (hons) degree in Accountancy and Financial Analysis from the London School of Economics and an Executive Master’s in International Negotiation and Policy Making from the Graduate Institute, Geneva.

Quest Curriculum

  • 4 Levels
  • Coaching By Neil Orvay
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  • Level 01

    Introduction to Unconscious Bias

    In Level 1 we address the key issues of what is unconscious bias and why it exists. We cover the 'big 2' biases which receive the most focus; gender and race/culture and introduce the six signs of unconscious bias so that we can improve our awareness of how UB manifests itself within us and others.

  • Level 02

    10 Common Unconscious Biases

    In Level 2 we expand our awareness of unconscious bias beyond the 'big 2' and introduce 10 common UB's that impact us in every day life, both in the workplace and personal life. The impact of these biases can be significant enough to change the course of our life or of a company's success.

  • Level 03

    Managing Unconscious Bias

    The ultimate objective of the training is to develop tools for managing our unconscious biases so that we can make better decisions and enjoy more successful outcomes. In Level 3 we learn tools that can help achieve this goal.

  • Level 04

    My UB Action Plan

    Developing your personalised Unconscious Bias Action Plan is where everything comes together. This is the final stage of the course where you identify and commit to the steps required to make this investment of your time meaningful!

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Success Stories

  • Gerard Camilleri

    Credit where it is due Neil!

    "Thanks very much for running our APAC Regional Treasury workshop on Managing Unconscious Bias. As always, your approach to the subject matter is refreshing and thought provoking. As well as covering the topical areas of gender and racial bias, you really hit the brief covering how unconscious bias impacts everything from trading to operational decisions. I have had many comments from my team saying they can truly relate to the examples. Thanks again, Gerard Camilleri"

  • Leonardo Brems

    The Real Deal!

    "Neil is the real deal; he is great! So far, he has lead two off-site training sessions for us. He comes with vast amounts of real-life experiences which make his training not only relevant & engaging but also thought-provoking. Neil’s genuine personality and diverse culture/market experiences make him a natural and perfect fit as a training leader for our organization."

  • Samantha Buttle

    Extensive subject matter knowledge

    "I have worked with Neil as he delivered solutions both in training to my HR team and to our sales function. Extensive knowledge of his subject matter, plus an ability to challenge where needed makes a great combination for any learning audience working with him. The testament always comes when the business is asking for him to return... which is definitely what happened!"

  • Queenie Liu

    Constant positive feedback

    "Neil and myself have worked together for three years when I was working at Credit Suisse. He developed a client focused curriculum based around communication, persuasion and negotiation which quickly became a standard curriculum for deployment across APAC Investment Bank population. Neil had constantly received positive feedback, and especially so with the senior management bankers. Neil is an organized trainer, and delivers according to plan. He is a trainer which I would recommend!"

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